Devastation & slaughter await…

The Altrincham Gaming Club are proud to present AltiBash IV – A Kings of War Tournament. We return to the war-torn lands of Mantica for battles between good and evil.

Who will be crowned King of War?

Tournament information

Kings of War Tournament, Altrincham Gaming Club, Saturday 1st July 2017.

Download the Tournament Pack (PDF)


08:30-09:15 Venue Opens & Registration
09:15-09:30 Tournament Briefing
09:40-11:10 Game 1 - 1800pts, 45mins
11.25–12.55 Game 2 - 1800pts, 45mins
12:55-13:25 Lunch & 'Best Army' Votes
13:35-15:25 Game 3 - 2200pts, 55mins
15:40-17:30 Game 4 - 2200pts, 55mins
17:30-18:00 Results & Awards Presentation

Army Composition & Special Rules

You must submit two force lists (1800 and 2200 points)

You must retain a minimum of 1600 points of units within your 2200 point list. You cannot remove artefacts or options from a retained unit but you may add to them.
e.g. A unit you wish to use at both 1800 and 2200 points has no artefacts or options (fly, mount, spells etc.) in the 1800 point list, you may spend points in the 2200 points list to add these. Though, if you had already paid for artefacts, you may not remove/change them.

Each list must abide by the normal list composition rules, including Clash of Kings modifications as follows;


After a game Tournament Points (TP) will be assigned based on the result as follows:

Victory 15 TPs
Draw 10 TPs
Loss 5 TPs
Concede 0 TP

Players may then score bonus TPs based on the total points cost of enemy units routed.

Total point cost of enemy units routed (Kill Points) Bonus Points
1800pt Game 2200pt Game
0–199 0-199 0
200-449 200–649 +1
450-899 650–1099 +2
900-1249 1100–1549 +3
1250-1599 1550-1999 +4
1600+ 2000+ +5

Timing Out

In the event of a time out, the player must immediately put down all dice and may make no further rolls for the remainder of the game. If there are any unresolved combats, then all charging units bounce back 1” as if failing to rout the enemy.

During the remainder of the game, the player may not issue any order or roll any further dice, including for rules such as regeneration.

Timed out players will also receive a -1 TP penalty.


Late list submission will be penalised 1 TP per day after due date (max 3 TP).

Armies meeting a 3 colour minimum paint and basing standard will gain 2 bonus TPs. There will be no penalisation for unpainted miniatures.

Final tournament placing will be decided on TPs, with cumulative kill points used in the event of a tie.

New Scenarios

Scenarios will be announced on the day and may include the new scenarios from the CoK Organised Play Book. We will provide printouts of scenario rules on the day.


Prizes will be awarded for first, second, third and the wooden spoon based on total TPs. The following tie breakers will apply in order:

There will also be a prize for the best painted/appearance, based on player vote.

Prizes and support is made possible by our amazing sponsors. Please take a minute to check out their websites:

Crowd at the Table

If one player feels discomfort with amount of spectators present at their table, they may request them to step aside. If this is unsatisfactory to both players then the TO must be called who will make a decision. There is the possibility of penalisation of TPs if a resolution cannot be found.


There is no sportsmanship prize but we expect all players to behave in an appropriate and adult manner, showing respect for their opponents, the venue and the TO. Please attempt to address any issues between yourselves at the table, however if this does not resolve the issue then complaints about behaviour should be directed to the TO. The TO reserves the right to deduct TPs for persistent poor sportsmanship.

Charity Re-Roll

Players making a donation of £5 or more to our chosen charity will receive 1 black and 1 white re-roll tokens. Both are one use only and you may only play 1 token per game. Both players may play tokens on the same die

Tokens may be used for first turn and for choosing sides but not for turn 7. Re-rolls from tokens ignore the usual ‘cannot re-roll a re-roll’ rule.

Special Rules

We will be using the Clash of Kings organised play book rule amendments, summarised as follows:

Venue & Directions

The Tournament will be held at:

St George's Parish Church
Church Street
Greater Manchester
WA14 4DB

The venue can be a little difficult to find so please use the following postcode for sat nav (WA14 4DN) and the directions below.

In the event of getting lost or delayed please contact either:

Travelling most directions you will come along the M56 towards Manchester airport. Leave the motorway and turn onto the A56 to Altrincham. Turn left off of the A56 onto a cobbled road (Albert place) beside the Old Market Tavern pub, 50 yards up the hill on your right is Church lane, we are at the end of this narrow lane.